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Hold Fast Your Dreams - Daniel Greig (SATB)pdfaudio

On Christmas Night - James Shrader (TB)pdfaudio

There is a Lady Sweet and Kind - Michael Larkin (TBB)pdfaudio

It was a Lover and His Lass - Michael Larkin (SATB)pdfaudio

Verbum Caro Factum Est - Ivo Antognini (SATB)pdf

Do Not Fear - Jonny Priano (SATB)pdf

The Tree - David Lockart (SATB)pdfaudio

May God Be Gracious Unto Us - Daniel Nelson (SATB)pdfaudio

Pasce Agnos Meos - Alex T. Favazza, Jr. (TTBB)pdfaudio

Winter - Richard Robert Rossi (SATB)pdfaudio

Spring - Richard Robert Rossi (SATB)pdfaudio

The Virgin's Slumber Song - Reger/arr. Harris (SATB)pdfaudio

Go, Songs - Kenneth Logan (SATB)pdfaudio

I Sing Th'Almighty Power of God - arr. Harris (SATB)pdfaudio

 God of Salvation - Haydn/arr. Harris (SATB)pdfaudio

Still Here - Zack Taylor (SSAA)pdfaudio

Fussreise - Robert Sieving (TBB)pdfaudio

Daughters of Music - James Adler (SSA)pdfaudio

Until Then - Z. Randall Stroope (SATB)pdf

There Is Sweet Music Here -  Connor J. Koppin (SATB)pdf

The Peace of Wild Things - Matthew J. Olson (SATB)pdfaudio

Nimm mich mir - J. S. Bach/ed. A. Doebele (SA)pdfaudio

And I Will Sing a Lullaby - Robert I. Hugh (Two-Part)pdf

Double, Double Toil and Trouble - Leeann Starkey (SATB)pdf

On the Banks of the Wabash - P. Dresser/arr. T. Cahalan (SATB)pdf

Fisherman's Night Song - L. A. G. Strong/arr. K. Boyle (SSAA)pdfaudio

Ave Maria - F. Schubert/arr. K. Boyle (SSA)pdfaudio

Amarilli, Mia Bella - G. Caccini/arr. K. Boyle (SSAA)pdfaudio

The Least of These - Stan Wagnon (SATB)pdfaudio

Toryanse - arr. Miho Sasaki (SATB)pdfaudio

Sleep, My Loved One - Christopher Matthews (SATB)pdfaudio

Give Me Jesus - arr. Stan Wagnon (SATB)pdf

Santa Lucia - arr. Mary Ann Cooper (2-Part Treble)pdf

Der Nussbaum - R. Schumann/arr. D. Jason Bishop (SAA or TBB)pdfaudio

Jemand - R. Schumann/arr. D. Jason Bishop (SATB)pdfaudio

Freisinn - R. Schumann/arr. D. Jason Bishop (SATB)pdf

There Will Be Rest - Tom Shelton (Treble)pdfaudio

In the Stillness - Kathleen Bawel (SATB)pdfaudio

Not Alone - Jonny Priano (SATB)pdfaudio

Three Poems of Lewis Carroll - Stuart P. O'Neil (SA)pdfaudio

Love Came Down at Christmas - Richard R. Rossi (SATB)pdfaudio

Beyond This Day - Anthony Kouri Williams (SATB)pdfaudio

A Destiny of Liberty - Ethan Wickman (SATB)pdf

Marigolds on Main Street - Michael Andrew Smith (Unison/2-Part)pdf

Double, Double Toil and Trouble - Leeann (Ashby) Starkey (SA)pdf

A Dream Within a Dream - Jeffrey Benson (SATB)pdfaudio

Three Fishers Went Sailing - arr. Franklin Gallo (SAB)pdfaudio

Lisbon Bay-A Sailor's Song - arr. Bill Cutter (TTBB)pdf

I Thought of You - Alex T. Favazza, Jr. (SATB)pdfaudio

Ain't That a Rockin' - arr. Stacey V. Gibbs (SATB)pdfaudio

Garden Song - Alex T. Favazza, Jr. (SATB)pdf

Hidden Love - Alex T. Favazza, Jr. (SSAA)pdf

Star Spangled Banner - arr. Mary Ann Cooper (SSA)pdf

The Ploughman - arr. Daniel Gee (SATB)pdfaudio

Aura Lee - arr. Zachary J. Moore (TTBB)pdfaudio

May Peace Be With You: Alleluia - James Q. Mulholland (SSAA)pdf

Water - J. D. Frizzell (SATB)pdf

Mass of a Troubled Time - Brian A. Schmidt (TTBB)pdf

Snowflakes Fantasy - Hyun Kook (SATB)pdfaudio

Whether the Weather - Cynthia Bayt Bradford (Three-Part Treble)pdf

What Wondrous Love Is This - arr. Owen L. Duggan (SATB)pdfaudio

The Lord's Prayer - Owen L. Duggan (Unison/SSA)pdfaudio

Never Seek to Tell Thy Love - Cole Reyes (SATB)pdf

Father Grumble - arr. Andrew Seifert (Unison/Two-Part)pdfaudio

Slumbers Golden - Brian S. Story (SATB)pdfaudio

Nobody Knows This Little Rose - Edwin T. Childs (SA)pdfaudio

O Lord, Support Us - Kyle Johnson (SATB)pdf

Be Still - Michael D. Atwood (SATB)pdfaudio

Original Harmony - Timothy C. Takach (TTBB)pdfaudio

Cradle Hymn - Cheryl Eiszner (SA)pdfaudio

Enter His Gates - Mark Butler (SATB)pdfaudio

Morning Has Broken - Daniel Nelson (SATB)pdfaudio

Touch the Earth Lightly - Daniel Nelson (SATB)pdfaudio

Old Groundhog - arr. A. Himlick/A. Havala (3-Part Treble)pdf

Alleluia! - Lothar W. Bandermann (SATB)pdfaudio

Angele Dei (Angel of God) - James Baas (SSAA)pdf

Song of the Crib - Kathy Gladen Johnson (SATB)pdf

Gloria - Jason Bahr (SATB)pdf

As the Hart Longs - Mendelssohn/arr. Harris (SATB)pdfaudio

My Apple Orchard - Emma Lou Diemer (SATB)pdf

Softness of My Mother's Hands - John S. Alexander (SATB)pdf

Dirge in Woods - Wesley Reed (SATB)pdfaudio

The Turtle and the Flamingo - Friedersdorf & Malvar-Keylock (Unison)pdf

Rajske Strune Zadonite - arr. Cynthia Bayt Bradford (SA)pdf

Christmas at Lulu's - Amy F. Bernon (Two-Part Treble)pdf

Three Poems of Sara Teasdale - Ed Robertson (SATB)pdfaudio

Auld Lang Syne - arr. Campbell, Francis, Hanawalt, Sasanfar (SATB)pdf

Speaking Love (A Christmas Carol) - Steve Danyew (SATB)pdf

In Lonely Mountain Ways - arr. James Bowyer (SSA)pdf

Early, Early in the Spring - arr. Franklin Gallo (SSA)pdfaudio

Jacob Dreams of Angels - Asia Meirovich (SATB)pdf

Die Einsiedelei, D. 337 - F. Schubert/ed. J. Harper (TTBB)pdf

Now Touch the Air Softly: A Pavane - Cynthia Bradford (Unison)pdf

Come Into My Garden - Z. Randall Stroope (SSA)pdfaudio

Mon-Ke-Ya - Zack Taylor (SATB)pdfaudio

From the Rising of the Sun - David Lockart (SATB)pdf

Set Me as a Seal - Michael Larkin (SATB)pdfaudio

The Tyger - Michael Larkin (SATB)pdfaudio

Gloria! - Brandon J. Spencer (SATB)pdfaudio

Nobody Liked Her but Me - Cynthia Bradford (2-Part)pdf

Ubi Caritas - Ivo Antognini (SATB)pdfaudio

You Are Joy, Lord - Ralph Manuel (SATB)pdf

Go Tell It on the Mountain - arr. Zachary J. Moore (SATB)pdf

The Music in Our Life Plays On - Darla Eshelman (SATB)pdf

Into Paradise (In Paradisum) - Terry Schlenker (SATB)pdf

Ubi Caritas - Maura Tuffy (SATB)pdf

If Love Should Count Your Worthy - James Q. Mulholland (TTBB)pdf

Monday's Child - James Adler (TB)pdf

October Song - Zachary J. Moore (SATB)pdf

In Your Voice - Deen E. Entsminger (Two-Part Treble)pdfaudio

Welcome Yule - Zebulon Highben (SATB)pdfaudio

Lux Beatissima - Joshua Rist (SATB div.)pdfaudio