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A Lullaby-TTBB | 15-94980

A Lullaby

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Lyrics By

Deen E. Entsminger

Music By

Deen E. Entsminger

This arrangement was fashioned after the original composition written for mixed voices (Colla Voce Publication: 55-48129).  It is the first time I have altered a work to fit another configuration of voices.  My first inclination was to simply change the key from e minor to another that might suit the male voice spectrum, however, upon hearing the register adjustment, I realized that simply shifting the key would not do justice to the voice leading and overall texture of the composition.  Thus it became apparent that I would have to consider the individual vocal lines within the framework of the new platform of voices. Another factor was my perception of the work some thirty-plus years after its initial publication.  I was interested in solving some rhythmic, harmonic and melodic juxtapositions that didn’t occur to my “31 year old self” at the time.  What a blessing to be able to revisit one’s early effort and offer a setting from a more mature perspective.  It would be inaccurate to say that I, alone, am responsible for the outcome of this new arrangement.  The men of my choral ensemble, Chamber Singers at Belmont University, made precise observations about which decisions belonged in this arrangement.  I remain indebted to the many singers on my educational pathway who have encouraged me to seek a better song when sharing emerging compositional ideas.

Deen Entsminger

(Audio Sample is of the SATB voicing.)

Audio Sample

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