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Milton Schlosser



Milton Schlosser is an award-winning professor and pianist at the University of Alberta.  As recording artist, he has been described as a pianist who "proves himself to be as sympathetic an accompanist as he is a stylish and feeling soloist" (The Vancouver Sun). Receiving university-wide recognition in 2007, he was awarded a prestigious McCalla Professorship for his significant contributions to research, teaching, and learning. From the university’s Augustana Campus where he is based, he has received awards for excellence in teaching, service to the community, and for his support of information literacy education.  

Schlosser performs in live and CBC-broadcast performances as solo and chamber recitalist, as vocal and choral accompanist, and in concerts as soloist with orchestra.   He holds Master and Doctor of Music degrees in piano performance from the University of Alberta, where he studied piano with Robert Stangeland and Stéphane Lemelin.  He has won scholarships and awards which have facilitated further studies in Salzburg, Banff, Brussels, and New York with pianists Hans Graf, Claude Frank, and Madeline Bruser, and composer Frederic Rzewski .  He has released three other recording projects: Landsmål:  The Lyrical Dialect of Edvard Grieg (1997; with Kathleen Corcoran, soprano, and Tanya Prochazka, cello), Frederic Rzewski’s De Profundis and North American Ballads (1999), andBohemian Woods (2004;  with Prochazka once again).  He is also an organist and published composer. 

In addition to this recording project, Schlosser is engaged in two other innovative research projects funded through University of Alberta awards: a project to develop methods in the use of digital video recordings by pianists and piano teachers drawn from neuroscience research, and the creation of an “online music practice log” for use by students and professional musicians to maximize experiential learning


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