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Traditional Japanese Folk Song

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Miho Sasaki

In ancient Japan, due to high infant mortality rates, the event of a child reaching the age of 7 was often cause for much celebration and thanksgiving.  Such celebrations were often marked by a visit to a local shrine where a mother might present an offering of thanks.  Many of these shrines were located on the grounds of a castle, such as the Miyoshino Shrine (Oshiro no Tenjinsama) in Kawagoe Castle.  Because common citizens were only allowed to visit castle grounds on special occasions, it would be necessary for a mother to explain her reason for coming, often bringing the child with her.  It is believed that the folk song “Toryanse” depicts the scene of a mother speaking with a castle guard on just such an occasion.

Featured at:

  • 2015 Atlanta Summer Conducting Institute
  • 2016 CCDA Summer Convention at ECCO
  • 2017 WA-ACDA Summer Institute

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