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Turtle and the Flamingo, The | 24-96050

The Turtle and the Flamingo

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Lyrics By

James T. Fields

Music By

Jill Friedersdorf & Melissa Malvar-Keylock

Edited By

Ruth Dwyer

The lyrics of The Turtle and the Flamingo are based on a poem written by James T. Fields (1817-1881).  The humorous story of a young turtle who falls in love with, and is rejected by, a “blazingly beauteous” flamingo is one that both singers and audiences will find enjoyable.  Fields penned a more serious ending for the love-sick turtle, but the composers couldn’t bear to add it to this song for children’s choirs.  They have instead chosen to end their song with a verse allowing the lively turtle to live and love another day.

Featured at:

2016 TCDA Convention


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